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AS 9100 Series Aerospace Quality Management

AerospaceAS 9100 rev D (BS EN 9100) is designed to be used by companies in the aviation, space, and defence industries and can be applied throughout the supply chain. It is intended for use by organisations that design, develop, and produce aviation, space, and defence products. AS 9100 rev D  is also intended for use by organizations that provide post-delivery support (e.g. maintenance, materials, or spare parts).

There are significant benefits in achieving AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management these are:

  • Minimise the risk of product or service mistakes and failures
  • Demonstrate effective quality management to achieve a licence to trade
  • Get a listing in the Online Supplier Information System (OASIS) database
  • Become a preferred supplier and gain customer trust
  • Use to support other aerospace programmes e.g. SC 21
  • Continually improve and win international growth opportunities 

Other Standards in the series include:

AS 9101 – Quality System Assessment (the checklist corresponding to AS9100 rev D)
AS 9102 – Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirements
AS 9104 – Standard for overall control of Aerospace Scheme
AS 9110 – Requirements for Maintenance Organisations
AS 9120 – Requirements for Stockists and Distributors

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