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Environmental Management

Everyone realises the importance and the impact that businesses have on the environment and the need to demonstrate that we are playing out part and reducing our carbon footprint has never been so strong.

Environmental Services


Look Listen Talk provides a full range of environmental management systems and solutions which include the implementation of environmental management systems to meet the requirements of ISO 14001 and EMAS.

We can also offer help and advice with the implementation of the phased environmental management system BS 8555 STEMS (Steps to Environmental Management Systems).

  • ISO 14001 Environmental management systems

  • Environmental Reviews and assessments
  • BS 8555 STEMS
  • Emissions Measurement: Material GHG emissions in CO2 equivalent (all six Kyoto gases)
  • FSC chain of custody
  • Integrated Management Systems

Impact Assessment

Let Look Listen Talk asses the environmental impact your business has and determine which are significant and where you can improve and save money.

Contact us now using our website or by phone to Andrew Holmes on 07976 921005 for further information about our Environmental services.

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Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems

“Look Listen Talk Ltd have provided us with excellent support in designing our ISO 9001 and 14001 systems, running them and updating them so that we maintain our ISO status in the long term. I can thoroughly recommend them for supporting your Quality system development”. Chris Walker (Director, CEO: Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd). ISO 14001 is …