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Information Security

Information Security

“Invaluable in providing the practical knowledge and insight to help us develop an information security system that works for the business” Michelle Mellor (Director: Personnel Checks)

What is one of your most valuable assets that can be:

  • Stolen without you missing it
  • Lost without trace or hope of recovery
  • Modified so that it is worthless

The answer is of course “information”

You probably control access to your bank accounts, but what about your customer list and e-mail system? Your intellectual property is probably priceless… yet not fully protected. A careless or misdirected e-mail could cost thousands.

An Audit Commission survey of 900 UK organizations revealed that one half of public sector and a third of private sector organizations are now affected by IT fraud and abuse.

If you value your business information and reputation, an effective information security policy will be increasingly valuable. One simple lapse in information security can damage an organization’s bank balance or possibly lead to litigation.

ISO/IEC 27001 provides you with a complete set of guidelines for Information Security Management (ISM) and provides a specification for ISM which is the foundation for third party assessment. One of our clients was one of the first 10 companies to achieve registration to this standard.

Let Look Listen Talk Ltd assess the security of your information systems against the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 to identify any potential Threats Vulnerabilities and Impacts.

  • ISO / IEC 17799 and ISO / IEC 27001 (formally BS 7799) Information security management

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